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Videoconferencing Documents

This area contains a link to every downloadable document available on the VCAlberta web site.

**Note: .pdf files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, .doc files require MS Word to view, .ppt files require Microsoft Powerpoint and .rtf files can be viewed by any rich text editor (like Wordpad). The videos require the Quicktime plug-in.

***VCResearch Videos: These videos provide an overview of 5 Alberta school jurisdictions that were involved in a research community of practice to investigate emerging uses of videoconferencing in K-12 education. For further information please contact Stakeholder Technology Branch, Alberta Education (780) 427-9001 [toll free by dialing 310-0000 first].


Cisco Quality of Service Simplified 2005-10-13 [DOC]
Cisco Quality of Service: Concepts & Definitions 2005-10-13 [PDF]
DELL: Quality of Serivce Information 2005-10-13 [DOC]
Guide to Videoconferencing in Edmonton Public Schools 2005-04-19 [PDF]
Implementing Quality of Service Solutions for H.323 Videoconferencing Over IP 2005-10-13 [PDF]
K-12 Videoconferencing Session Plan Form 2005-10-13 [PDF]
Pedagogy & Videoconferencing Using New Technologies In The Classroom 2006-11-21 [DOC]
Pedagogy & Videoconferencing: Using new technologies in the classroom 2006-11-21 [PPT]
Summary of Chapter 11 - Quality of Service Design Cisco Router Handbook 2005-10-13 [DOC]
VCRLN Videoconferencing Etiquette [PDF]
[ Draft ] Videoconference Primer: Where Do We Start Powerpoint 2006-02-01 [PPT]
[ Draft ] Videoconference Primer: Where Do We Start Presentation Notes 2006-02-01 [PDF]
Pedagogical Observation Tool 2005-05-11 [PDF]


Overview of Research Findings: Presented at the November 14th Videoconferencing Community of Practice Event, Edmonton Alberta. 2005-11-15 [PPT]


Becta ICT Research: Videoconferencing in Teaching and Learning 2006-11-21 [PDF]
Literature Review for VC Research 2005-04-15 [PDF]
Prairie Rose Amendment 2006-05-04 [PDF]
[ Executive Summary FINAL ] Videoconferencing Research Community of Practice Research Report 2006-05-04 [PDF]
[ FINAL Report ] Videoconferencing Research Community of Practice Research Report 2006-05-04 [PDF]


How Collaborative Is Your Classroom? [PDF]
Telecollaborative Project "Worth It" Checklist [PDF]
VC Classroom Checklist [PDF]
VC Multipoint Event Checklist [PDF]
Videoconference Project Planner [PDF]