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Effective Presentation Materials and Peripherals
There are many different types of devices that can be used in a videoconference to create a sharp presentation. Many or all of these technologies are likely available at your site. To ensure that your presentation will work, contact the technician to make sure that the necessary peripherals are available.

Common Videoconference Presentation Tools

A Computer.

A computer is a very useful tool in a videoconference. It can be used to deliver a presentation, Check to make sure that your presentation will work on the computer at your location. In many cases, you can even bring your laptop in and use it instead of the computer provided. Some of the common videoconference applications for the computer are:

Smart Board.

Used with a computer, a Smart board can add extra interactivity to a videoconference by allowing a presenter to write over a computer screen image.

Document camera.

A document camera allows all participants of a videoconference to see documents, images, transparencies with exceptional detail. It is a useful tool for anything that hasn't been digitally saved to be viewed.

VCR or DVD Player.

Many presentations include videos on videocassette or DVD. These formats play video and sound to remote sites.

  • Use short clips whenever possible.
  • Cue up each clip in advance. Don't fumble with fast-forward or rewind to find a particular segment during the meeting.
  • If you are using a DVD, write down the particular chapter point you want to jump ahead to and then play. If you have multiple video segments to present, consider having the pieces professionally edited by a multimedia technician.
  • Check to see that both the audio and video outputs are working correctly and will be heard by everyone.


Projectors are used quite often in meetings, and can be easily implemented in a videoconference

Extra camera.

Adding another camera to a videoconference can be an advantage in some situations, such as multiple participants in different areas of the room.

A Television.

Using a television in a videoconference is another peripheral that can easily be added to any videoconference.

Dave Flynn, Mount Royal College
Last Updated on Monday, 29 March 2010 20:59