Videoconferencing Links

The following are the 10 most recently added links.

Videoconference Zone video

University of Washington: The Videoconference Zone VIDEO. A humourous and excellent 8 minute educational video that highlights tips for a successful videoceonference. (Requires Windows Media Play). Learn about some common videoconferencing pit falls and how to avoid them. Recommended for anyone asked to be in a videoconference.


Videoconferencing for K-12 Classrooms

Written by three educators with decades of combined experience implementing interactive videoconferencing, the book is filled with real-life stories and proven strategies.


LearnCanada: Final Summative Evaluation Report

Explores how CA*net3 can be used to create a broadband enabled learning community for the Canadian k-12 educational system.


Troubleshooting Guide

A basic troubleshooting guide for issues you may encounter in your videoconference


A Critical Look at the Use of Videoconferencing in United States Distance Education

This article focues specifically on the use of videoconference technology in the United States. The author examines the successes and failures of distance based learning and how the future of education delivery through videoconference is likely to grow evern further and faster based on the exponential growth of broadband networks.


A Needs Assessment and a Design for a Distance Education System: The Rural Advanced Community of Learners (RACOL)

The Rural Advanced Community of Learners (RACOL) provide a needs-based assessment for rural students. Click here for the Word doc.